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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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I agree, but I'm not as down about it as you are.

Firstly, the Roddenberry vision didn't prove that great - it was OK for TOS but the movies and TNG only got good after Gene got the boot. He'd have had a blue fit about DS9, and that's the best Trek out there imho.

JJ Trek is like it is, because it's 'The Movies' and that's how movies are nowadays. Any new TV show would probably be a lot closer to Trek as we know it.

Anyhow, the continuation novels are fantastic !
Yeah certainly a lot of what came after Gene handed over the reigns was different, more of an evolution imo.

JJ Trek is more slimmed down, it's not bad at all but it doesn't engage my imagination the same way as TOS-TNG-DS9 did.

I think maybe if they do a new TV show i'd be interested because they'd have some ongoing story arcs and it couldn't just be battles and explosions and chase scenes non-stop.

"real trek" at the movies was always hit and miss, what they have going now is safe but ultimately successful
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