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Re: Kitchen Nightmares nightmare in Phoenix!!!

I saw a clip from the show on Youtube the other day and was compelled to watch the rest of the episode. Amy appears to have some sort of psychological disorder: she's delusional, hostile, and paranoid. Oh, and she thinks she can speak to cats. Samy seems like he might just be an incompetent businessman that's trying to shield his crazy wife from all criticism, but then he goes insane himself and starts shouting expletives at customers. I know that reality TV is usually edited in such a way to create drama, but if they're even half as bad as the show made them out to be then they don't deserve to be in business.

Katy, the waitress who was fired during the show, did a reddit AMA yesterday if anyone wants to get a little more background on what the restaurant is like when the cameras aren't there.

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I usually watch the BBC version
The UK version is actually made by Channel 4, a commercial station. BBC America just purchased the rights to air it over there.
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