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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Why is Sue acting like a Doormat?

The only possible explanation for her submissive (1960's housefrau) personality is PTSD from after watching EVERYONE die.

She has no spunk.

"I just want to see my children"

You frakking idiot!

You killed your children when you upset the timeline and they became never born.

(Wow, that grammar really sucked.)

If anyone was going to kill anyone in Hank Pym's lab, it was Sue who should have killed Wolverine.

Which is exactly what they have to do next week.

Stop Wolverine from killing Pym, and then plant that Virus Stark was talking about, then shadow/Shepard history towards it's positive conclusions and...


Why else chose Invisible Woman as a central character?

She literally invisibly regulates the flow of history.

Daredevil, Professor Xavier, Wolverine, hell even Ultron... Sue needs to seriously upgrade her invisibility if she wants to really hide in everybody's enhanced peripheries.

Of course when we get back to the present and Ultron fails, just unbundles seconds before his master stroke... There will be three Susan Richards, and two will be older more powerful and crankier than the temporally indigenous Invisible Woman.

Maybe Namor will finally get Lucky?

Why the hell did Jim and Sue even skip over ten years of history into a most likely foreign present anyway? Surely a second Wolverine and another Sue Storm would have compensated for removing Giant man, Jocasta and the Vision, and that kid robot from the Runaways from the timeline, if they weren't completely dipshit ignorant about what Hank brought to the party?

If I was Reed Richards I would have contingencies a plenty incuding a... Of course any how to guide packed into an AI program woven into Sue's costume (or posthypnotic programming?) about the gamut of Earths history that fell into the wrong hands would spell certain doom for...

Fuck you Biff Tannen!
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