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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

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So 5-0's got about two seasons left then if we go by what happened with CSI: New York.

If the ratings continue to go down and/or the number of episodes ordered is reduced to 16 or 17 (or even as low as 12 or 13), then I wouldn't be surprised to see season 4 as the last season.

In terms of ratings, perhaps the comparison metric will be with other recent multi-season Friday night CBS shows like Blue Bloods and CSI:NY. Over the last few years, Blue Bloods had around 10-11 million viewers consistently, while CSI:NY had around 9-10 million viewers.

One can also examine other CBS shows which were unceremoniously dumped into the Friday night death slot in recent years, such as single season shows like Vegas and The Defender.

After being dumped onto Friday nights, Vegas was attracting around 7 million viewers, while The Defenders was attracting around 8 million viewers.

With season 3 of Hawaii Five-0 attracting around 8 million or so viewers, I wouldn't be surprised to see it canceled if it went down further to 7 million viewers or less.

But if the numbers miraculously go back up to 9-10 million viewers over season 4, then perhaps a season 5 may be given the green light.

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