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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I've only been a Trek fan for a few weeks. So far I've seen the first 10 episodes of TOS and the two Abrams movies. TOS has superior and more thought provoking storylines than the movies, but even on blu-ray it feels extremely dated. I want to continue watching the series, but will now be watching TNG at the same time. S1 is on the way and should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully the set will have fixed audio.
Yeah I can appreciate TOS but it's always been dated to me especially as I got into Trek with the movies in the 80's. TNG doesn't really get good until season 3 but there's still some enjoyable episodes in the first 2 seasons. The blu-ray remastering of season 1 is excellent though and almost makes it look like a new show again, sadly the effects of season 2 didn't get the same care and attention.

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