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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

From the first half of the season I was pretty sure Tommy was either going to turn evil or get killed. So that wasn't a shock. But it was well done.

I also thought that Det. Lance was probably going to get killed to make room for the new cast members(plus his character really has nothing to do in many episodes). So I enjoyed the misdirection of his conversation with Laural the most of anything in the episode. It'll be nice if he becomes the Jim Gordon to Ollie's Batman, but it'll have the downside of giving Laural even less to do(and shoe-horning her into episodes was already something the writers were struggling with).

Moira was another one on the chopping block, with the Undertaking plot over, her character really has nothing to do except be a normal mother now. Presumably she'll be reduced to a recurring role next season, or maybe just one or two appearances in the whole season.
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