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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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^^^Literally speaking, it was only Torres and Kim who were engaged in reproductive activities with the Caretaker.

Functionally Torres was just a woman of color, so that was (sadly)appropriate to the character as treated in most drama today. But this may explain why Kim is so detested?
Maybe there were no Asians on the Equinox?

6 months earlier he stuck his sporositian winkle into that ships allotted crew as well.

"Humans! Humans again?! I'm sick of raping Humans!!"

Which is possibly why only Kim and Torres got the business end of his cumstick, since he'd already made his way Bacchanalianly through a mostly human crew to no fruitful results.

You have to wonder why Equinox's Doctor didn't find a cure for spacespunk and give it to the Ocampa? Or did Ransom never make it that far and unwittingly left crew to die on Ocampa?

What a jerk.
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