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Re: The Martok Appreciation Thread

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I probably will read them eventually, but right now I'm still reading "A Stitch in Time". I'm reeeeaally drawing it out, because it's so good, and I don't want it to be over.
I've got a signed copy of A Stitch In Time. Loved that book.
Signed?! That's awesome, how'd you manage that? Oh and uh... completely unrelated, where do you live again?

I was working for the Ottakar's bookstore chain about 15 years ago and Andrew Robinson was doing a signing at another branch (probably London). The manager there sent out a company-wide e-mail offering any Trekkies working in any other branches the chance to have a copy of A Stitch In Time signed and personalised. Obviously I replied back using mutliple exclamation marks!!
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