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Re: The Sisko/Picard scene in "Emissary"

I personally liked the scene between Sisko and Picard precisely because Sisko was someone outside of Picard's social circle. It showed how an average person who survived the events of Wolf 359 would react. It's not fair, but it's there. Picard's face was the one on the view screen when Sisko's wife dies, and how that face is ordering him to the equivalent of the ass end of the galaxy to live in a trashy space station turning his kid into a virtual refugee.

As for an apology at the end? Nah... there seemed to be so much chemistry between the two and unsaid words in both of their scenes that an apology would just derail from that. Sisko's obvious competence and the fact that he had found a new direction for his life was enough for Sisko to look at Picard and see past own his pain.
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