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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

10 issues! I thought Age of Ultron was going to be 6.

If Morgana is making a grab for power, where the frakk is Merlin and Arthur?

(Not even (re)born yet according to Iron Man vol 1 #250.)

That's what I loved about (the direct to video movie) Stargate Continuum when Baal did this. After spending 50 years building an empire, he comes to earth and DOESN'T WANT TO FRAKK IT DEATH... Because Earth is a cool place to live (heroine and sodomy parties?) with fantastic pleasures (X-Box and pizza?) to offer that the Goul'd slave worlds pale to in comparrison.

Baal just forgot about the consistent glue that holds any universe together... "Bitches be crazy."


Loved this from Buffy...

The Master "How do you know that the other world will be any better?"

Giles: "Anything is better than this."

Reality check: I just swooned.

Did you just swoon?

Memories of Emma Caufield flooded my visual cortext, and I swooned.
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