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Re: What's up with some DS9 fanboys' attitude?

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
Dude, don't even try to understand the so-called "logic" of these people. Most of them spend eighteen hours a day embroiled in heated arguments in the "Comments" section of YouTube.
Yes, I've seen those arguments on YouTube. A rational DS9 fan who didn't take part in the "debates" simply observed that it seems some nerds have to hate something in order to love something else, maybe that's true. Star Trek vs. Star Wars hits my mind.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
I think part of it is that they're so used to having to defend DS9 to fans of other series that they've taken to attaching unnecessary hyperbole to their arguments. They're in the mental habit of thinking they're talking to somebody who hates DS9 for equally stupid reasons like "It's not on a ship!"
Actually, I believe that "It's not on a ship" is a more probable impetus for the show not being as popular as the others in comparison to the theories of "People didn't like that DS9 challenged Roddenberry's utopia and couldn't bear such character flaws on Star Trek", which is based on facts that are not entirely true.

Again, only in comparison between those two. "It's not on a ship" is far from the only reason and other factors may be bigger in size, but I believe that this is a factor that actually has some grounds in truth.

Let's face it, of all the nerds and common TV watchers that exist, everyone is not particular bright and open-minded.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
But really I think TNG and DS9 are more similar to each other than any other two shows. Though DS9 showed more character conflict, the two shows had basically the same ideals and the same story resolution styles. I can't imagine how somebody could love one and hate the other unless they're applying some kind of extreme aesthetic bias.
You're so right when it comes to story and resolution styles. But when it comes to which aspects of the plots are centralized and where the focus lie, I actually think they are more different to each other than both are to TOS.

I see TOS as a parent where TNG inherited one half and DS9 the other. TNG tends to be somewhat more plot-driven than DS9 and DS9 tends to be more character-driven in comparison and I would put TOS inbetween. TOS is also inbetween when it comes to the Technobabble!

Although there are strong similiarities, I believe that DS9 tends to reincarnate and embody different aspects of TOS than TNG does, and that's why even TOS fans (which in my experience generally are more prone to like both or none) can be so divided. TNG is very concentrated on scientific and philosophical concepts, it's basically simply about different ideas and scenarios. While DS9 is not as much about ideas as it is about telling interesting stories and character interactions.

I'm simply speaking from a general perspective based on a total sum of each series. I think they converge at most when it comes to some of it's most fantastique episodes. The Inner Light could easily have been written for DS9 and The Visitor could easily have worked for TNG.

While I do acknowledge these differences, I just find it hard how one could like the other and dislike the other.

I guess I like the idea and plot-oriented style of TNG more and I also often tend to find TNG to be more subtle than DS9, but these things become irrelevant when you account for the totalities, the overall quality. Generally, it's all done in such an optimal way that you no longer care about the differences any more.
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