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Re: Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

This would have been a fantastic loophole for Janeway to have sex with a crewman.

"Never send a hologram to do a woman's job."

Savvik had Bloodfever sex with Spock when his anatomy had the characteristics of 14 years old, 21 years old, 28 years old, 35 years old and 42 years old (give or take depending on when puberty started.)... Which should have no emotional effect on Spock after McCoy gave his marbles back or Saavik who took at least 5 for the team.

Considering in the Books they get married, you have to wonder when she began to think of him as a suitor rather than a mentor?

Although in alternate edit of the 4th movie, Saavik is clearly pregnant but it's still decades before Picard attends Spocks wedding, as mentioned in TNG Sarek.
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