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Re: Kitchen Nightmares nightmare in Phoenix!!!

Squiggy wrote: View Post
I usually watch the BBC version, which makes up about 90% of BBC America's daily programing.

Sometimes they throw an American episode in. The difference is jarring.
Indeed. I much prefer the BBC version of the show myself, and it is really noticeable when you go from one to a US one during their marathons...

sojourner wrote: View Post
Yeah, after reading this thread I had to track this episode down. That was just classic. The thing that gets me is that Ramsey was actually very reserved compared to other episodes of the show I've caught. I'm pretty sure that Amy is not only in denial, I think she found the source of it.
I think she needs to seek serious mental health treatment.

Oh, and J.T.B., I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought their relationship screamed "sugar-daddy and spoiled girlfriend".
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