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... he enlists Khan, a man 300 years out date to help him develop advanced weaponry and ships..??? Huh, thats like asking a Roman to help you design the cell Phone.
No, it was genius-level savagery he wanted to exploit. More like asking a Roman to help you sever a head.

except guess what it's reversed so that it's Kirk that sacrifices his Crew
But Kirk sacrificed himself to save his crew???

That is until a Deux (???) ending that anyone could see coming from a mile away, had a Tribble waking up at just the right time.
Oh sure, that was bad. The way it just sat there in the front of frame, waiting to be discovered. Definitely one for the slow learners.

And why was everyone so Gung ho on spock Taking Khan alive when even McCoy realized he had 72 of the little buggers on his Ship anyhow.
Many reasons, all exhaustively debated across social media.

JJ If I want to Watch Khan done Right I'll watch the original, I have about 42 times already I'd like to see some originality..
42 times! And you say you don't like repetition? Personally I liked the new things (and the familiar things) the twist said about the characters -- but yeah, on first viewing the repeated dialogue was distracting.

I Invite eeryone to go back and watch the original Khan from Spock's Death thru to his Funeral scene and shoot down to the genesis planet and see how Real Trek Moves you, right down to playing Amazing Grace for Spock as he in Death finds his humanity.

And then go watch JJ's version.
As much as I love TWOK, I always found those scenes sad but somehow stilted, repressed... almost too formal. It may be sacrilege, but I actually prefer this version.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had such an unsatisfying experience, but appreciate your polite efforts to detail your criticisms.
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