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Came back from the midnight showing here. Have to say this was really an extremely solid effort. I think that Abrams & Co. have hit their stride now.

A few mental notes that I made, neither of these are pros or cons, just things I noticed:

Opening sequence = Classic.

Kirk definitely matures after Pike's death. He's still a little careless and arrogant in the face of authority (namely how he smarted off a couple of times to Pike.) After that, he's a lot more mature, not making so many wisecracks. You really see him being Kirk.

A lot of tears were shed by the characters in this film.

SpockPrime seemed to have discovered Just For Vulcan Men hair dye.

Scotty has a rather surprisingly prominent role in the film.

The models behind Marcus', definitely nice touch.

Not sure that I'm warming up to John Cho as Sulu quite yet.

Klingon sequence = Awesome.

LOVED the human touch to it, with the music they were listening to in the social settings namely. I felt that Star Trek became WAY too elitist by having everyone listening to Opera and Orchestra stuff. The bar scene where they're listening to some sort of rock/blues song with, *gasp* lyrics, really grounded that scene for me.

I gave this a solid A- (although I accidentally went for B+, which is okay haha.)

The only thing I might even put in the "Con" or "Khan" category would be the Kirk's Death/Magic Blood thing. It wasn't bad, but I didn't feel that it really moved the story along either. That is literally it. People who were annoyed with Lens Flares the last time will have little to complain about this time.
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