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Re: Maker Movement Motivates Federation Citizens?

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Youtube last year made about three and a half billion dollars in advertising revenues. Every time you glance at a advertisment there, you are "paying" to use the site.
My point is the amount you're paying is very low because storing and providing the bits is trivially inexpensive. The market value associated with one view of an ad is very low. The market value of a few minutes of Internet service is very low.

The market value of a sip of water from a drinking fountain is similarly low.

I'm suggesting what if all manufactured goods became this easy to produce. We don't track the cost of drinking fountain water because it's trivially inexpensive. I'm guessing a long drink is worth less than $0.01 if you use residential rates, although you may be able to charge more at a park. The point is we don't track it with money, not because it's a significant charity program, but b/c it's trifling. Maybe all goods and services work that way in the Trek universe.
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