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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

If Chakotay was amused that Seven was sleeping with a holographic version of himself, how much of the rest of the crew was sleeping with a holographic version of Janeway? And how would that have made Janeways steely resolve have shudder?

What she should have done was slept with the lowest ranked crewman and then demoted him (her?) some more.

Tuvok as Security Chief must have been supposed to keep up on top of these holoshenanigans?

Or did he lose all credibility after he spent a day murdering Neelix over and over again in Meld?

In his training program where the Maquis mutinied, do you think his original parameters allowed for one side or the other to be misled, seduced and won over with sexual favours?

Which means that every character in the game/training exercise had a sluttiness quotient you could "roll" against. Nothing short of a critical hit is going to make Janeway drop her britches however.
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