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So I went dutifully as a long-term Trek fan. I didn't like Kirk last movie, in fact, I disliked him.

This time, I *cared* about the characters and I can see this Kirk being Kirk.
Same here. I thought nuKirk was just interested in command at any cost. I just didn't like him in ST09. I like him better here. I even forgive Scotty for being a goofball.

teacake wrote: View Post
I'm (again) impressed by how Quinto's body language is so TOS Spock. The slight hunch, the stiffness, the way he stands off to the side and tilts his head. He's obviously studied Nimoy's Spock closely. He looks a little more awkward but NuSpock is also younger so that makes sense too.
I thought when they hopped in Mudd's shuttle that instead of looking like a smuggler, Spock looked very stiff much like a Starfleet Officer on duty. And then it hit me Quinto was playing Spock like Nimoy did when he was in civies in TOS. Usually very uncomfortable and unbelievable when trying deception.

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Dave Scarpa wrote: View Post
I Invite eeryone[sic] to go back and watch the original Khan from Spock's Death thru to his Funeral scene and shoot down to the genesis planet and see how Real Trek Moves you, right down to playing Amazing Grace for Spock as he in Death finds his humanity.
Sorry, have seen that dozens of times (I own a copy, of course) and know it well. You exaggerate its virtues far beyond the modest sentimental impact of the thing (and "Amazing Grace" evoked a couple of groans from the opening night crowd at KB MacArthur in June of 1982 - puh-lease).

That has no bearing at all on how good this movie is - and it's very, very good. It's as much "Real Trek" as that thirty year-old, good but limited film was. Frankly, most of these actors are better than most of those actors and they're allowed to show more range.
I love this movie. I gave it an A+ but I'm amazed you can say TWOK was not well acted and limited. They are two very good movies. I prefer TWOK and always will but that does not take away from this movie.
I think the better comparison is between this movie and 'Space Seed' and how awesome TOS Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura and especially McCoy were when dealing with Khan. There was no crying and giving in to enemy demands. And these are different times and its OK to cry now. I just remember how fantastic McCoy was when Khan held a knife to his neck. No wonder original Khan respected them
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