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I can finally come in here!!

I went in expecting to dislike it. The one thing I DID know was about Harrison. Why rehash a perfectly good movie? Wasn't the idea of the reboot to have fresh new stories? What the hell was wrong with the writers? Why destroy Romulus and Vulcan to write the same old shit? Grr, right?

So I went dutifully as a long-term Trek fan. I didn't like Kirk last movie, in fact, I disliked him. Spock was too emo. Uhura too edgy for my liking.

I LOVED this movie. Does it have flaws? Of course. Is is very derivative of other movies/series? Yes. Did it matter? Surprisingly, it did not.

This time, I *cared* about the characters and I can see this Kirk being Kirk. Spock - well Spock has been changed due to his experiences in this timeline and it fits now. Uhura was softened. Harrison was a great villain, for a while you even liked him, just a bit, or at least sympathized.

I didn't see the twist coming near the end, but my husband did. So I'm dumb. I also was unspoiled about everything other than Harrison's identity. And who the hell know Nimoy would be in it, however briefly?

They hit it out of the park, this time. I can't wait for the next one. I hated to see it end.

My husband, however, was unimpressed. It was too similar to WOK for his liking. I thought I'd feel that way but I don't.

A+ from me.

P.S. The sequence of planets at the end was great. SO glad I went to see it in 3D. I normally would not have, but I was greedy and wanted to see it tonight.
That's exactly how I felt about it. I can see the flaws. I empathise with the (intelligent) reviews that list its failings. But I was so damned fond of them all by the end I didn't care.

Repetition becomes homage, mistakes become quirks, faults become eccentricities... it's like... Love.
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