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Cumberbatch is note perfect. Having now seen the movie I'm not as convinced as I was before that Khan will feature in the third movie, but he'll be back without a doubt - and when he is, I hope Cumberbatch plays him again.

That will be epic.

Other quick notes:
  • They do not "cure death" - that's bullshit;
  • Warp distance to Kronos is not "two minutes" - that's bullshit;
  • They won't soon be "beaming from one star system to the next" again - that's bullshit;
  • The Enterprise has one hell of a warp core - for the first time ever it looks real and as if it could be something that powers a huge spaceship, rather than a sculture spilling useless blue light on to the set.

Wow. Tremendous movie. I've got no complaints.
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