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Re: Would this make Nemsis' ending more satisfying.

ConRefit79 wrote: View Post
My biggest problem with Nemesis is it felt like they were trying to copy ST:WOK. And it failed big time. Production values were good. Some scenes could have been cut, while others should not have been cut. And they made it so obvious that Data was going to pull a Spock. The battle dragged on too long. At least they didn't have 2 like ST:WOK.
The biggest failure in their attempt to copy TWOK is that while they try to go for the same emotional gut-punch by killing a beloved character, it lacks the potential for finality that TWOK had in 1982. Yeah, we all know how it turned out two years later, but at the time there was no guarantee Nimoy would come back. Nick Meyer's initial cut of the film had no reassuring ending shot of the torpedo casket safe on Genesis; that was added by Harve Bennett in post-production.

Fast-forward to 2002, and we have Data's "out" practically gift-wrapped for us from the moment they find him in pieces on the planet. If there was a remote chance that NEM wouldn't suck, and it would make enough money, and Paramount would greenlight another one, Berman wanted a way to get Data back without trying too hard.

Gaith wrote: View Post
cardinal biggles wrote: View Post
Ten years on, I still think the best way to improve Nemesis is to destroy every copy, and make sure Stuart Baird never directs another film, and John Logan never writes another screenplay. Sadly, only one of those three has come to pass.
Silva is just as incomprehensible and lazily written as Shinzon!
But Javier Bardem is so magnetic in his portrayal that you sort of forgive the mess, at least while you're watching it. Sadly, couldn't say the same for Tom Hardy, at least not in this role.

E-DUB wrote: View Post
Instead of Shinzon trying to destroy Earth, he should have tried to destroy Romulus, after all that's who he was supposed to have hated.
This. A gaping flaw in the film's logic that a first-grader should have spotted, to say nothing of the series' longtime producer, one of its stars, and its Academy Award-nominated screenwriter. Pathetic.

wingsabre wrote: View Post
I think it would have been better if Sela were the main villain. They don't even have to go back and rehash the past episode in great detail. Just have it so that she lost all power and was imprisoned for the failed attempted invasion of Vulcan, and blames Picard and Data. We could also add Spock too, but whatever. What made TWoK's plot so accessible was it was basically a revenge plot.
Not this. Sorry, but Denise Crosby can't act her way out of a wet paper bag, and expecting the weight of the movie to at least partially rest on her shoulders is foolhardy.
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