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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

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The new show has come awfully close to this with a lack of repercussions for Chin Ho's wife getting killed.
But it was referenced in the recent ep with the morning tv show host.

though perhaps the repercussions or lack there should more relate to Chin's actions with his wife's killer or is this what you're referring to?
And before with the prison nurse telling her he is not ready to move on yet. How much of an reaction do we need? A character drowning in the bottle?
Aside from the few things mentioned, Chin Ho is exactly the same character now as he was before his wife was killed. I realize this isn't the type of show that's going throw him into alcoholism arc or something like that but I'm pretty sure his wife being killed in cold blood would have a little more of an impact on his behavior. Chin Ho's acting exactly the same before and after with almost zero acknowledgement of past events pretty much mirrors the disappearing plot points in the original series mentioned upthread.

As for this week's episode, I thought the heist with Steve, his mom and the other "retirees" (his words, not mine) was a bit far-fetched even by this show's standards. I actually liked the Adam/Kono storyline but I don't think his alibis are going to be legit in the end. And no, the team of 4 isn't shrinking to 3 for more than a 2-3 episode mini-arc.
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