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...Star Trek movies could use a little less "Earth bound" setting and a little more "Out there" adventure.
I think this was the first time we got a good mix of "out there" space adventure and "Earth bound" stuff. I liked that they took us from an alien world to a club scene. And on a side note, gotta love Scotty's gaudy outfit.

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What is the name of the Dreadnought ship in the film??? Any details on the space battles???
A while back, I actually suggested that this movie might be called "Star Trek Vengeance".

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How the fuck did I miss a Mudd reference? FUCK...where was it?
I missed it too.

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The Countdown To Darkness comic claims that it belonged to another Mudd, but that's not part of onscreen canon and can be ignored.
I really liked Harry Mudd's daughter. Great character. Probably more fascinating that her dad.
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