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And I do prefer Montalban to Cumberbatch in the role but that is 100% on the writers not the acting. Give Cumberbatch more development, more to do! Hopefully we get that next time around.
I think that Khan's speech in his cell describing how Marcus used threats to his "family" to control him was stronger, more human dramatic material to work with than all the "beloved wife" and Melville-quoting "from Hell's heart I stab at thee!" that Montalban was given to chew on.
It's funny isn't it, I'm not a TWOK fan but adored Montalban's Khan. Sometimes it's hard to parse when you saw these movies/shows so long ago before your head was full of so many other space operas. I agree that was a great scene in the cell. And I agree that that Montalban's lines could be seen as cheesy. I think I've just had years of emotional response to Montalban and only two viewings of Cumberbatch (and I was never a Sherlock fan).

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