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I really like how they sort of make Khan understandable and likeable that you forget he is a genocidal maniac until Old Spock reminds you of it haha..
Yeah, but the nice thing is that you don't have to read any of what Khan says or does as insincere or at odds with the earlier scenes. He lies about his past to manipulate Kirk. He may cloak the more dangerous aspects of his character. That said, is any of what he tells Kirk about Marcus's behavior, or any of his expressed feelings of loyalty to his followers, exposed as dishonest? He tells those truths that are useful to his goals.

slappy wrote: View Post
I would really like for Khan to have said that Marcus ordered facial reconstruction surgery and voice modification. That would explain how he looks and sounds pretty easily. The accent....well he just likes the accent and keeps it.
All of that would have been a distraction and kind of a WTF? to a big part of the audience. I'm glad they just rolled with it.
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