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I know, right? You think YOU were surprised? So was I!

I may have to turn in my cynic card now...

* *

Agent Richard07:

Kirk's death at the end rang hollow. We haven't spent enough time with these characters to really appreciate a moment like that. It looked exactly like what they were trying to do… Ape The Wrath of Khan. Plus who didn't know that Khan's blood would save the day?
- I hated Kirk last movie. The death scene made me cry (also cried when they killed off Pike...BASTARDS....he was so friggin' hot. )

- Um, er, I missed that. My husband said he knew, but I was going, "They can't kill off Kirk, can they? There's another movie, right?"

* *

I loved McCoy. He's just as good as the original and I'm a big fan of DeForest Kelley.

How the fuck did I miss a Mudd reference? FUCK...where was it?
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