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I Invite eeryone[sic] to go back and watch the original Khan from Spock's Death thru to his Funeral scene and shoot down to the genesis planet and see how Real Trek Moves you, right down to playing Amazing Grace for Spock as he in Death finds his humanity.
Sorry, have seen that dozens of times (I own a copy, of course) and know it well. You exaggerate its virtues far beyond the modest sentimental impact of the thing (and "Amazing Grace" evoked a couple of groans from the opening night crowd at KB MacArthur in June of 1982 - puh-lease).

That has no bearing at all on how good this movie is - and it's very, very good. It's as much "Real Trek" as that thirty year-old, good but limited film was. Frankly, most of these actors are better than most of those actors and they're allowed to show more range.
Oh Good God I'll take Shatner-Nimoy-Kelly any day over any of these new actors, i like how the originals are being marginlized now.
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