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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

I do not get it either. Other than, its a comic book show everyone will have a code name and costume. This show is not Smallvile. Thank God!!!! Roy is the only character I think will take on the role of working with Oliver but that could be a long time from now. Maybe he will never wear a costume. Think John Blake.

No offense Lighthammer but none of your predictions I saw coming. Its not that type of show. I am glad they did not cram too many reveals and shocks into a single episode. The show was renewed and has time for story lines to naturally develop.

I had predicted right in this thread that Tommy could and should be killed. Doing this the writers have solidified by respect for them. Turning Tommy into a villain who replaces his Dad would have been a cliche and completely out of character. There has been tension between him and Oliver but not much beyond that. He thought Oliver was a murderer I could never see him becoming like his Dad.

Tommy fulfilled his purpose on the show. Looking back he was largely there to setup his father. It was a mystery in the Pilot why Oliver friend was called Tommy MERLYN. But he actually was a strong character in his own right. But once Malcolm was revealed as his Dad and the split with Laurel and friction he had with Oliver, his function was complete. Otherwise what would there be to do with him? Jealous ex boyfriend? Angry former best friend, turned super-villain? No thank you. That would have been a soap opera... in other words Smallville. I am very pleased that this series does not feel the need to keep the characters frozen and not changing for years to maintain the status quo.
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