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Saw the Fan Preview in Imax and 3D tonight.

I was'nt the hugest fan of what JJ Abrams did to Trek in his first film, but it took his second installment to cement that I don't like his take on Star Trek. Like the first its all flash and no substance or feeling. His characters bear resemblance in name only to classic TOS characters but they don't inherit the same space, in fact in JJ's alt-Trek Kirk is a Douce, Spock is practically Homicidal, the only characters that come out of this film Portrayed well is Karl Urban's Bones MCcoy, and Simon Pegg's Scotty. Kirk from the opening seenis portrayed still as a wild party boy and rebel. Spock Flutuates from decrying Starfleet's revenge motives to laying a virtual ass whooping on the baddie.

And Let's talk about the Plot and Said Baddie John" You Knew he was Khan" Harrison. Why did it have to be Khan, JJ Started on the right foot making the baddies Starfleet's Secret Section 31. Harrison could have had any motive giving to him for wanting to get bad at Admiral Marcus, but no, because JJ can't create a plot of his own, why not make an alt-verse Wrath of Khan? So the good Admiral just happens to come across Khan and His crew and he enlists Khan, a man 300 years out date to help him develop advanced weaponry and ships..??? Huh, thats like asking a Roman to help you design the cell Phone. Several Action Set pieces ensue until we get the inevitable ending that Apes the classic Trek 2 ending, except guess what it's reversed so that it's Kirk that sacrifices his Crew and Spock gets to emote the infamous Khan Bello for some inane erase. That is until a Deux ending that anyone could see coming from a mile away, had a Tribble waking up at just the right time. And why was everyone so Gung ho on spock Taking Khan alive when even McCoy realized he had 72 of the little buggers on his Ship anyhow.

JJ If I want to Watch Khan done Right I'll watch the original, I have about 42 times already I'd like to see some originality.. And I like how they can pull out Old Spock as a crutch now just because New Spock is too stupid to work it out himself, so he can just dial up old Spock so he can object..but what the Heck give him the Answer anyhow.

And where is the Grand utopia of Earth, when pock and Khan fought on that vehicle there was enough toxic emissions coming off of it to create a global meltdown. And what is with those god awful Hats....

I Invite eeryone to go back and watch the original Khan from Spock's Death thru to his Funeral scene and shoot down to the genesis planet and see how Real Trek Moves you, right down to playing Amazing Grace for Spock as he in Death finds his humanity.

And then go watch JJ's version.
I've seen both. They're both great. What's your point?
"I like this ship! It's exciting!"-Scotty "Star Trek"

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