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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

I really have to admit, I could see this episode going a few ways and thats what made this episode fun, really.

- I expected Walter to be the guy to piece things together and make the announcement Moira did.

- I really didn't expect them to follow up on the Felicity hacking ties but we see why now.

- I expected Ollie to tell his mom who he was.

- When Ollie saw Laurel last, I was expecting him to tell her who he was finally (too) and expected Laurel would INSIST on confronting Malcolm and Tommy with Ollie in some sort of pseudo Black Canary costume.

- I expected Moira to die by the hands Malcolm Merlyn but I don't know exactly how. After SHE made the announcement, I expected a hitman to kill her.

- When Tommy confronted his dad, I expected him to say "I understand why you're doing this" and join him, at least in some sense.

- I didn't expect Tommy's mom to REALLY (at least to the best of our knowledge) be dead.

- I expected Roy was going to link up with Detective Lance enroute to the machine and somehow protect / help him.

- I NEVER expected Detective Lance to be suspended or pull a "James Gordon" (per Batman Begins). I have to admit, I really did expect him to die when he called his daughter.

- By this point, I expected this episode to turn into a "passing the torch episode" sort of episode where Malcolm, Moira, Quentin and maybe Diggle would die.

- When Diggle and Ollie confronted Malcolm, I expected to see Diggle finally in some sort of hero-esque costume. It does seem more and more like he's taking on the "Arsonal" role.

- I didn't expect Malcolm to have a second device (great twist).

- I expected Felicity to confess her undying love to Ollie when it seemed like the building was going down (and maybe have it get garbled).

- I didn't expect for a second Tommy would save Laurel and seemingly die.

- I didn't expect Fyer to die. That --- erp --- lets talk about that after we know what else happens on the island. They only covered a few months out of 5 years (and I hope thats not all they're covering).

- I expected Roy to do more --- something --- ANYTHING to get noticed by Ollie as a good, decent kid.

This episode was a rollercoaster and I'll have to admit, I have to sit on it see how I feel about it. I enjoyed watching it lots. I might feel a little different after I break down some of the events.

I think its obvious Deahtstroke and Shado work into the plot down the road, but I do muchly finding myself wondering how. Just now it seems like the three kind of have a "League of Light" (contrapositive to the League of Shadows, if that's not obvious) going which doesn't fit several of the character's traditional history.
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