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A fun spectacle of a summer movie with lots of action, special effects and a bit of Trek thrown in.

The Absolutely Awsome…

- Khan. I like what they did with the character in this continuity and he was every bit the intelligent menacing villain I expect him to be. Plus, I really got a kick out of Cumberbatch and his superdramatic stage enunciation as he spoke. He really played the part to perfection. I hope we see Khan again, but with a movie every three or four years, I don't know if we will. Even if he just gets a small part I'd be happy, like a Hannibal Lecter sort of role.

- Kirk and Khan working together. Oh man!

- Future Earth. Very lavish on a big budget.

- The Transporter effects. I like the swirling effect and seeing people move about as they're being transported.

- Scotty.

- Action on foot. I loved seeing a chase through the streets of San Fransisco. It was so anti-Trek. Who thought we'd ever see Spock chasing Khan through the mall?

The Disappointing…

- Same soundtrack as the first movie.

- A weak story. It was fun and innovative in a lot of respects, but it was more of a summer blockbuster plot than a real story.

- Some of the humor fell flat.

- The 3D was hit or miss.

- Too many uniform variations and not enough of the TOS ones.

- Kirk's death at the end rang hollow. We haven't spent enough time with these characters to really appreciate a moment like that. It looked exactly like what they were trying to do… Ape The Wrath of Khan. Plus who didn't know that Khan's blood would save the day?


- Looked like Praxis has impacted Kronos. Mining disaster came early in this timeline.

- I was disappointed that Christine Chapel wasn't going to be in this, but I like the reference that we got. She was with Kirk this time around. Way to go Jim! I hope they have bigger plans for her down the road. That will mke up for her not being around.

In Closing…

I wasn't blown away, but I quite enjoyed the ride and look forward to seeing this in 2D. I also look forward to seeing where they go with Carol Marcus. Is there a David in their future?

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