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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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What did you people think of the Joan/Bob subplot?
I liked the way she coved his ass but I couldn't figure out if he was just completely brown-nosing or if he genuinely has a thing for Joan?
It made me like the character. I don't think he's interested in Joan that way (but stranger things have happened), he probably just wanted to help out. I wouldn't say there's no brown-nosing but it's more about his wanting to make a good impression.
Oh, I'm prettttty sure he's interested in her that way, mainly because of all the trouble they went through to show us Joan's mother's reaction to him and all. How could he not be? Could be wrong, of course.
The writers are definitely setting Joan up for a Roger Sterling/Joan Harris relationship in reverse. She's finally in the position to be the older sexual partner with power over an underling sexual partner's career.
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