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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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And what harm would there be in a background check? esp. as most Americans support backgrounds.

And of course just because a member of the electorae votes a certain way doesn't mean they support all the policies of the party/person they voted for.
Again, we already have background checks. They are usually quite thorough, to the point where tens of thousands of people have to go through extra scrutiny just because their names just happen to match other people, even though their drivers license and Social Security numbers are different.

You comment is yet another example of pretending we don't already have regulations so you can argue that we should have at least some regulations. Nobody on the pro-gun side is buying it, because we're the people who have to deal with all the regulations that do, in fact, already exist.

What would you think if half the nation ran around claiming that airline pilots should at least have to be tested for flying skills, and then writing bills that had nothing to do with flying ability, hoping the "pilots should have to be tested" line would convince enough semi-retarded idiots to support whatever was in the unseen bills?

Of all the previous spree shooters, the Aurora shooter was ignored by psychologists, even as he sent a letter saying what he was going to do. The Tuscon shooter was a walking signboard for paranoid schizophrenia, but he too was ignored and would've passed any background check we could devise. The Virginia Tech shooter passed the background checks because Virginia wasn't updating mental health exceptions in the interests of violent crazy people, or some such, and the Newtown shooter didn't need to pass any background checks because he didn't buy a single gun that he used.

After Newtown, Obama came out with a big list of things that he could do as President if Congress didn't act, which amounted to "do my job. do my job. tell the states to do their jobs. tell my AFT chief to do his job. tell the FBI to do their job. do more of my job." In theory, the laws Congress has already passed should be working. In reality, the number of criminal gun prosecutions has plummeted because everybody in the executive branch is off doing something else, like harassing Tea Party members or bugging reporters. If they won't do the jobs that Congress asked them to do, no amount of legislation will accomplish a darn thing.
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