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I loved it. I don't really care to spend the next four years arguing about why it's great, so I'll just get it out here.

The movie is fantastic to look at. The planets, the ship, fhe costuming, even the background details on Earth look better than anything we've seen in a Star Trek movie before. I was especially impressed with the new warp trails.

The sound design is still far and away better in the latest two movies than what came before.

I wasn't too thrilled with some of the corny lines that were in the last movie, but I thought the dialogue was much better in this film. It's even incredibly funny without venturing into comedy territory.

Nods to Mudd, Section 31, another Chapel reference, etc to keep us Trekkers entertained.

They tried to pretend it wasn't Khan even though we all knew it was Khan, yet they still managed to tell a unique story while paying homage to what had come before.

If Leonard Nimoy liked it, I have to like it.
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