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Re: Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

Eh, I like Vorik and even I don't really understand half the stuff that goes on in Blood Fever. He's pretty naive for a Vulcan, but I find it hard to believe he'd be so naive as to believe Torres would want him. By then it was pretty obvious she was into Paris anyway.

With no Vulcan females on the ship and knowing he was likely to endure several pon farrs during the 70 year trip home wouldn't it have made more sense to learn how to date and cultivate a serious relationship that the other females would recognize as such? Vorik went about it in such a Vulcan way (not concerning himself with the pon farr until it was upon him, expecting Torres to respond as a Vulcan female would, etc) that no one else on board knew what the heck was going on.

Part of why Vorik was rejected was because of cultural miscommunication. A Vulcan female might have seen that proposal coming. Torres and most of the other non Vulcan women on board, no way.
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