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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Let me add another possibility as to the % COMPLETE idea. Perhaps this isn't % of overall ship efficiency or % of total damage to the ship (0% meaning near destruction and 100% meaning "shipshape and Bristol fashion"). Perhaps the % is the percentage of completion from a list of total repairs needing to be made.

For example, NCC 1709 is listed at 70% complete. Let's say that NCC 1709 came into port with a repair list of 10 items. As of the time of the above screen cap, 7 of the 10 items on that list have been completed. So, the list is % COMPLETE of the requested repairs.

Regardless, one thing is for sure. The graphic represents the same thing for each ship. With as minimal information on the graphic, there isn't enough data to mean different things for different ships. A graphic will compare apples to apples, not apples to Milk Duds. Whatever the % COMPLETE means, it will mean the same thing for every ship on that list. Otherwise, the graphic is pointless and would actually cause confusion to the reader.
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