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Re: George Takei and Second Two of TOS

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When hate pulled Doohan and rest of the B-team by the nose (where Shatner was concerned), there would be no chance to settle matters.
However, the report that I have heard from multiple sources is that Doohan and Shatner did finally manage to patch things up sometime before Doohan's death.
I'm talking about the post TOS/TAS/movie years, when Doohan on the convention trail meant trashing Shatner like a man on a mission.

And I get the distinct feeling that as far as Shatner is concerned, all of that is ancient history. But some of his co-stars, Takei in particular, have made it part of their careers to bash Shatner, and seem uninterested in burying the hatchet, so to speak.
True. Takei is a walking sideshow because of his inability to let it go, and contrary to his own view on the matter, it is not entertaining to trash another man for decades.
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