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What a conundrum of a film:

  • Beautiful to look at - set design, world building, cast
  • Well staged action
  • Fun, entertaining leads
  • A hint of something grander to come

But gutted by

  • A plot that moves so fast little time is left to breathe and ENJOY those leads
  • A villain who really has no more complex a motive or audience investment than either Nero or Soran and is played as a snarling aloof viper rather than a man of intellect and power
  • Replays of similar themes and plot points from Wrath of Khan, but without any of the heart, sacrifice or weight of the '82 film
  • A horrid, terribly telegraphed "revival" that feels cheap and, linked in with the above, feels there soley to pander to old Trekkies, hence showing no signs of imagination or thought to the fanbase
A few people, including many critics, have said that the writing is the weak point on the film, and frankly the writing is at least 50% of a film. JJ is a highly capable director, but Orci and Kurtzman (outside of TV at least) have so far produced very weak, threadbare movie scripts that have only worked (if at all) thanks to a cohesive directors vision. But they can't be lumped with all the negativity - it was a group "Bad Robot" effort after all with Lindelof assisting.

JJ needs to drop the pair and let them produce their own material solo, and I am now eternally grateful that Michael Arndt is on script duties on the new Star Wars. I have no idea if he is going to produce a good story/script, but it will be interesting to see JJ playing with somone else - so to speak.

STiD - 5/10
ST '09 - 5/10

Hugo - Is still glad he saw it on the big screen regardless of the disappointment. It was very pretty to look at
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