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I would've preferred he was just left as John Harrison, one of Khans top people and by far the most intelligent & manipulative. The ideal choice for Marcus to thaw out and use. He was the one pulling the strings and Khan was just the figurehead. Or something..

A glimpse of Montalban frozen as well thrown in at the end!

"Oh my god, why would they do that when it was stated Khan was the leader and most intelligent and most dangerous one?! Worst film ever 0/10."
Yeah, no doubt about it, this would've happened. I am not saying they made the right or wrong decision. It would've been better >for me< if he was just John Harrison rather than Khan
Yeah, I'm just making light of people never being happy

I know what you mean, but if you look at it from the point of view of the audience, Khan is a pretty famous villain and doesn't really require much explanation. We can watch Space Seed, TWOK or read the Eugenics War book for more.
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