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Re: Person of Interest Season 2

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I thought he would get his marching orders occasionally with the numbers and have a few interactions, not that it would tell him when to move and where to go all the time. That certainly makes things more interesting and makes you wonder who was really the Admin (metaphorically speaking, not literally): Finch or the Machine itself.
I must have missed that part. I thought Finch was only interacting this heavily with the machine for the 24 hour period following the reboot and the rest of their interaction was more limited.
Well, it was guiding Root at the time and giving her constant updates on her surroundings, but she insinuated that it did the same with Harold back when he was controlling it (and before the reboot). I'm not saying that he doesn't have total freedom of movement or that the Machine literally controls him in any way, mind you, just that it seemed a lot more involved in his day to day activities and movements than I would have previously pictured. Of course, it's entirely possible that, like you said, it was only that involved because it was in crisis mode at the time.
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