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Were my previous posts not clear enough? I'll try again.

Because in the space of three months we have had two seasons of TNG, one of ENT and a new movie. Even in the late nineties fans weren't asked to shell out for this many hours of Trek all at once.

I am enjoying TNG HD one episode at a time, one per week, with others in the TNG forum. We are up to Q, Who. I haven't gotten around to buying the third season yet and don't intend to until I have "savoured" the second fully. I wondered if other people were in this situation and whether CBS might thus perceive season three as a bad-seller. I expressed my fears that this might effect their desire to do DS9 etc.

Also, I made a point about the way TNG HD season two had turned out and felt that if they'd have taken the release schedule a little more slowly CBS could have remastered it and avoided the botch-job we got.

Is it the word I've used? "Over-saturated"? Perhaps I should have said "market flooded with goodies"? "Over-saturated with remastered merchandise"? I am trying really hard to understand your argument here and can only think it is a misunderstanding of language?
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