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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I really do not think so - the reason is simply the standalone releases are there for buyers to double dip. They are using marketing opportunity and preparing a release for people who do not want to wait another few months for 2nd part of the 2-parter.

Releasing 2 episodes, which are already both on the season set does not make so much sense, despite there still would be a small audience of random buyers or casual fans not wanting full season set.
I'm sure there's an element of that yes. I also think that a larger likelihood is that they're issuing the standalones as a means to showcase the remastering efforts to the more casual viewer who's more inclined to pick up the better known episodes than full season boxsets.

My first thought was that they'd do the season spanning 2-parters, but thus far, we've had BOBW and Redemption because there are no other 2-parters in those seasons. Season 5 onwards we get numerous. Unification is an 'event' story, the scope for additional content is greater than it would be for Time's Arrow, and as long as the content is exclusive, as the BOBW content was, and the Redemption content will be, then completists will still have their reason for double-dipping.

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