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Heh. I just realized every post of mine in this thread reads more like a blog post than a discussion about Star Trek. Too much detail about my life. Only the most bored forum members could find this interesting. Even now I'm not stopping and continuing to type pointless text that some unlucky person will spend their valuable time reading. Oh well. Maybe I should actually start a blog about watching Star Trek for the first time and how it holds up to someone who doesn't look at it through the eyes of nostalgia.

It'd also give me the chance to improve my writing. Starting a blog might be worth it just for that. Even if nobody reads it. If you've gotten this far you seem to be willing to read my thoughts for an extended period of time. Get ready for more of this boring list of inane details about my life with the occasional mention of Star Trek for good measure. For some reason I have no intention of stopping.
You could start a First-Time watcher thread in the appropriate sections of this very BBS! There's been several, sure, but every person brings a unique perspective, and the old hands love them, as long as you don't write like you're texting (you're doing great so far).
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