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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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-Section 31 confiscated Scotty's transwarp beaming equation.

-Section 31, along with Khan, built the portable one-shot transwarp beaming device.

-Section 31's top secret R&D department beneath London was destroyed. Therefore, transwarp beaming now exists only in Spock Prime's head.

Seems to me that, even of it was a problem (and I say it wasn't), that it's been written out of the Trekverse quite effectively.
Please god let it be true!

I just don't agree with the concept of transwarp beaming because it totally undermines starship travel to the point that it may no longer be necessary! Starships would be used to set up some form of transwarp beaming repeaters and thats it. Sort of like stargate or gaining access to the Iconian gateways. It was inferred in any episode featuring the gateway that it was totally game changing and must be destroyed.. well with transwarp beaming you have the next best thing! Get rid of it!

I can see it now. Kirk is on a starship at warp and has been for weeks until one day he realises he forgot his bag of toiletries. No matter! I will nip back to Earth by transwarp beaming, pick it up and come straight back. Cya in 5!
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