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Re: Betazoid? why zoid?

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Well Humans aren't from the Planet Hume, the people of Ferenginar aren't called Ferenginarians, & the Klingons originate on a world called Qo'noS. It's fair to say there's no rule book on nomenclature.
Except that in "Heart of Glory" it was implied that Klingons came from the planet Kling. And the novel The Final Reflection called it Klinzhai.

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When I first heard Troi was a "betazoid", I didnt know what that word meant. The suffix 'oid' was odd there.

I thought she would look like, I dont know, a squid or whatever.
Why would you think she would look like a squid? Were you only listening to the TNG episodes? When did you learn Troi was a humanoid female? Just today?
He said "when I first heard," so I'd assume he's referring to his assumption from reading about the character before he saw the show.
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