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Re: What Do Women Want From Their Man?

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Just the idea that one gender is supposed to take responsibility for preparing the toilet for the other gender is very bizarre. Especially when the same woman who complains about men holding doors for her also complains about men leaving the toilet seat up.
Good point. I don't particularly like men holding doors for me, but if one does, I certainly don't complain about it! I just say "thank you" and walk on through.

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
Yeah, rants, I went to a party in college, one time. When I arrived one of the female housemates as soon as I walked in instructed me on leaving the toilet seat down.
Wow! That was uncalled for!

I get consistency, especially at 2am when half asleep, but that's for folks living there. Guests? If you gotta get in their face cause you can't be bothered to look at what you're doing, you deserve the dunking.
Yes, consistency. To me, leaving the seat or even just the lid up all the time looks messy, but there's nothing wrong with a couple agreeing that they want them up when not being used. Of course, being inconsistent with that could be a problem, too, if a sleepy guy didn't notice that the seat and lid were down.
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