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Re: George Takei and Second Two of TOS

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Look at William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. When the series was in production, they weren't all that friendly towards one another - and Nimoy got it into his head that while Shatner got top billing; his character of 'Spock' was the real lead/star of the show fans came to watch.
Well, that's not true--at least from the ancillary market's point of view. All one should to do is look at the merchandising of ST during its network run; while images of Shatner and Nimoy were plastered on all manner of products, the first character choice for AMT's model kit was Spock. A Kirk kit was designed and planned (one conceptual had Kirk sitting in the captain's chair), but never produced.

However, it was Spock that was considered the "draw" to certain companies.

Arguably, that could have been to play up the most alien or "science fiction-y" element on the series (in the way the one Lost in Space character popular enough to warrant a solo model kit was the Robot), or because Spock was a breakout character. Either way, Spock was the only legitimate solo ST figure produced during the NBC/production years.

It would not be until 1974--when the MEGO Corporation produced its popular line of 8-inch ST action figures (in the wake of the cultural explosion of TOS raising the profiles of most of the main characters), that a fair recognition of the series stars occured. But again, during the 60's, it says much that Spock was not only the focus for the kit, but the subhead on the box read, "Star Trek's Most Popular Character."

Sort of hard evidence supporting Nimoy's attitude during the production years.

But my point? All the above didn't keep William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy from forming a real friendship in the later years after Star Trek.
They were not born joined at the hip, but they have more in common than with any other cast members, which allowed that friendship to blossom in honest fashion. Doohan (and Takei) had too many fragile ego issues, which they embraced, embellished and milked / sold to the public as "The Case Against Bill Shatner," over setting that childish behavior aside in order to really get to know Shatner.

When hate pulled Doohan and rest of the B-team by the nose (where Shatner was concerned), there would be no chance to settle matters.
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