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There was one single thing I dreaded more then anything for the last year....
That this movie would be a remake of TWOK and that it would be just as 'meh' as 09, good as a flick but no Star Trek-soul.
09 was to me a one night stand, it was fun while it lasted but I felt so very emotionally drained and empty afterwards.

Then a few days ago a friend told me to watch TWOK in preparation for the movie and suddenly all my hopes were dashed of seeing a good movie.
As the credits rolled my first conscious thought back in the real world was: "Well played J.J Abrams, well played!"
Or to put it in more emotional terms: BOOOOYAAAA! STAR TREK... IS... BACK!!!
For me it was the best Star Trek movie since 1996.

And after having a night to sleep over it, yup not a one night stand, still very much in love with it.
Still have goosebumps actually.
Even though I saw the Tribble resurrection coming a mile away Kirk's death actually made me cry, only to make me laugh out loud at Spock's heroic BSOD. I don't think I ever cried at a Star Trek movie before.
What does God need with a starship?

To get to the other side of course!
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