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Re: Kitchen Nightmares nightmare in Phoenix!!!

I'd become totally burned out on Kitchen Nightmares; whereas the original UK show focused on the restaurant business, menu creation, and sourcing local ingredients, the US show is all about the spectacle — the dining room makeovers, Ramsay playing Dr. Phil with bickering owners, and Ramsay cursing and ranting a lot. This episode, however, delivered the goods: Amy is batshit insane and Samy is right in line behind her for a straitjacket. The Facebook posts have been hilarious, in a "rubbernecking at 20-car pileup on the interstate" kind of way.

I do hope Arizona's Labor Department and the IRS take a good long look at Amy's Baking Company. If they're stealing the waitresses' tips, god knows what other financial shenanigans they're up to.
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