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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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My biggest problem with Alternative Factor, simply, is when the admiral (sorry I haven't seen it in a while) says the effect was felt all through out the galaxy and beyond. So, the Federation has instataneous communication through the whole galaxy and beyond? Did they switch long distance carriers? That just does not fit for me.
That's a fair gripe to have, however they also didn't seem to distinguish "quadrant" from "sector" on TOS. Also, the Enterprise was capable of traveling much faster than Warp 10, well before it was established that this was the unattainable speed that would you to "occupy every point in space at the same time." It doesn't surprise me that they would make an outlandish claim like being able to communicate throughout the galaxy "and beyond" since the Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta quadrant boundaries of the galaxy we're now quite familiar with were not being recognized at this point.
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